Hard water vs. soft water: how it affects our hair

How many times did you go on a break and realized that your hair behaved differently in the shower? Perhaps they felt it more manageable and smooth or, conversely, drier and resistant to cleaning products. This, believe it or not, is because of the kind of water. And here we put them face to face: hard water vs. soft water. What's the difference between these and so how exactly does it affect us?

Water has components inside that vary according to where they come from. Sea water is different as river or city water. All this may determine the clarity, potability and hardness and, therefore, how it reacts with the hair and the products we use to scrub it. I kept reading and we will show you everything.

Hard water vs Soft water

What's the hardness of water?

Perhaps the water is hard or soft has related to simply how much magnesium and calcium it has. It can differ by region and even within the exact same city, since it depends on the starting water, that's, where it is extracted from. The water in coastal areas is normally harder precisely since it originates from the ocean and has many salts inside.

Hard water vs soft water: does it affect our hair?

With very difficult waters it happens that the salts precipitate and which makes cleaning difficult. A symptom of this is that not as much foam is produced as usual. Additionally, these residues are deposited in the hair and makes it lose shine and dry out. It may also cause itchy hair or leather ;.Long-term experience of water can occasionally overload your hair with extra minerals that that you do not need.

How is it solved?

When you have hard water in your own home, the long-term solution is to purchase a water softener to completely clean it, since, along with ruining the hair, it also stains the shower and the sinks. Another choice is to install a water filter. If this is away from means, then try washing your mind with previously boiled or bottled water.

Obviously, selecting the most appropriate products to correct damage can be essential. We recommend picking a washing system that purifies hair from residues, such as for example the TRESemmé Detox Hair Shampoo and Conditioner ;.

On another hand, a couple of drops of Dove Nutritive Oil can help restore the lost hydration with the accumulation of salts from hard water. And last, however not least, we suggest applying a style cream after washing. The Combing Cream Dove Full Reconstruction works as cure of progressive nutrition for damaged hair; leaves it soft, silky and looking healthy. Visit this link to gain more ideas: Best Shampoo for Hard Water

It is important to know that no kind of water, not even potable water, is totally pure. All have components that enhance it, such as for example chlorine, which find yourself affecting our hair. So the biggest thing is to really have a care routine to keep it healthy, shiny and manageable.